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Together, we develop an entrepreneurial team culture, expand your method toolbox and bring new products & services to market. 


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Have a look in our heads and feel free to be inspired. We are writing about innovation and team culture based on our working experience and scientific facts. 

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Mara Milena Suter
business innovation & learning designer

Mara combines her background in psychology with hands-on expertise in Design Thinking and learning design. Having a strong passion for the change in work culture, Mara designs a new generation of organizations and supports teams on their entrepreneurial journey to new digital products and services.  


Alex Thalmann
strategic innovation & agile team lead

Alex uses his experience as a project lead, innovation strategist & entrepreneur to create a future worth living in. Passionate about tech & sustainability, he applies a holistic approach and agile methods to thrive within interdisciplinary teams. 


Mario Patrick Schwery
product- / service innovation 
& visual facilitator

Mario’s fascination for startups has taken him far. He has the right gut feeling and tools when it comes to developing and testing new & innovative ideas. In doing so, he brings a breath of fresh air to every company. 

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