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we desire_

We develop teams to drive organizations.


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we transform your organization_

Transformation means consciously opening up to new forms of collective value creation. We are providing cultural integrity and strategic frameworks to collaboratively create new ways to organize your value chain, catered to sustain an increasingly complex world. 


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we facilitate agile teams_

Proactive change is driven by interdisciplinary teams, agile work methodology and a bold strategy. We create engaging work environments for teams to sustain progress and create a better world.


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we design learning experiences_

Learning is key to development. We design immersive learning experiences based on scientific grounds - remote, onsite or blended.

We are looking forward to work with you.




office & remote:
die balance im team finden_

In diesem Blogartikel werden verschiedene Aspekte der Zusammenarbeit hinsichtlich remote und in Präsenz Arbeiten besprochen. Mit unserem Template kannst du die Diskussion in deinem Team strukturieren.



exploring innovation culture in south korea & japan_

This article is taking you on a journey to South Korea and Japan. A trip just before the world changed in January - February 2020 with our impressoins and learnings of the exciting far east. 



rocking remote team facilitation_

The pandemy hit us in the middle of a project and we had to turnover the remote switch overnight. In this article you can find our learnings regarding remote team collaboration and moderation.

We continously expand our network.




Mara Milena Suter
business innovation & learning designerin

Mara builds on her psychology background with experiences in Learning Design and Design Thinking. With her passion for the evolving working culture she co-designs a new generation of organizations. Therefore she accompanies teams on their entreprenieurial journey to new products, services and business cases. Organizations strategically benefit of her unique skills to design, pilot and scale learning environments.


Alex Thalmann
organizational development
& agile practitioner

Alex evolved from UX / UI Design, to agile practitioning, to the design and execution of transformation programs. With a strategic perspective, the experience with agile@scale frameworks and an entrepreneurial mindset he designs, guides and scales organizational development. His passion for team dynamics, organisational designs and technology drive a constructive conversation about the future. 

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